Our Vision

We want to provide the best customer experience in remanufactured automotive solutions

Our Mission

We bring new life to car parts

Our Values

At BORG Automotive we believe in value driven leadership. We operate in a flat organisation, where our values empower all of us to act and make independent decisions proactively rather than reactively. Our values define the way we do business and all our actions to reach the strategic goals are based on these values.

We are building the company on a foundation consisting of 5 values, and we strongly believe that building the success in the future depends on competent and responsible people, interdependent and transparent in relations, striving for continuous improvement.
- Kim Kruse, CEO

Competence is a requirement to recognise business goals and to achieve team success. Profound knowledge, innovation, imagination, personal development and understanding of “the human factor” are tools to realise business goals and team success.


We employ passionate people with personal and professional integrity, reliable and trustworthy, proud of and always ready to account for and explain own actions. We strive to meet customer expectations, using resources wisely.


Understanding interdependency creates unlimited organisational power. Teamwork is the dynamic and agile organisational frame, which allows for a self-managed effort, where diverse skills and abilities are used for common success.


Access to relevant information is vital for common success. Information should be easily accessible, simple and easy to understand. Unclear or ambiguous information leads to wrong decisions, waste and confusion.

Continuous Improvement

The idea of improving the organisation’s capabilities by way of systematic continuous improvements is our foundation for victory. This process and approach involve everybody, regardless of status and function.